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I've started the 30 day drabble challenge on Tumblr. I'm days behind since I also wrote a Grimm fic.

Here's the first two...

Title: 30 Day Challenge...Snowflake

Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick B/Sean R
Rating: PG 13
Wd Ct: 100 +
A/N, Disclaimer, & Warning: I'm attempting the 30 day drabble meme from Tumblr...I'll be writing in different fandoms each day or at least trying too. None of the characters are mine and I most def make no money off of my fanfic writing. My warning is simple...there will be slash, kink, angst, & plenty of hot men sexiness.
Summary: Day 1

It was snowing in Portland, not a strange occurance most days but today seemed different. Nick felt like each snowflake was a part of him. That each drop of snow was telling the world just how cold inside he was. His life had changed in the year since he' d become the Grimm of Portland. He had lost a girlfriend, gained a best friend, and become so isolated from either world that it made him want to cry even on the good days.

The only thing that kept him from becoming too depressed was that he'd become friends with Monroe and lovers with Sean. Meeting his mother after all these years had made his depression worsen. So much so that Sean had become deeply concerned. He knew the king of Portland didn't need the extra stress having Nick as his consort brought but still Nick loved him for all the support he did give.

Still the snow and cold weather brought Nick down, just like it always had when he was stressed. There was nothing his Captain and Wesen lover could do but let him be. His aunt and even Juliet when they were together knew that lesson well. Even now years later Nick would still need own version of alone time. And the new snow had ushered those feelings in sooner than Nick had hoped. Now his new lover and his Wesen friends would find out just how grimm Nick could be.

Title:30 Day Challenge...Thanks
Author:Lil Jei
Fandom:Snow White & The Huntsman
Rating:PG 13
Wd Ct:100+
A/N, Disclaimer, Warning:
Summary: Day 2

She stood there and had to stop herself from fainting. Though she had survived battles, poisoning, and the evil queen she still felt at odds with the situation she found herself in. Yet she was thankful for it all, it helped prove to her she was alive. For so many of the years she spent imprisoned she had just exsisted. She had found that each day it was hard to dream of a life lived, free or otherwise. And now she here she was being crowned and being prepared to lead her kingdom.

But it wasn't just the queendom she was thankful for. She was thankful for her new love and her old one. She hadn't decided on which one would have her hand as well as her heart. Her mind and soul were in turmoil yet here she stood being crowned on her own and with neither man at her side. Soon a decision would be made, which one would rule at her side and which would be forced into the background as just another man in her guard. In truth she knew where each man would end up in her kingdom but still she dallied to decide. That was what she was truly thankful for, that neither man pushed her to make the decision.

She saw multiple futures in her dreams at night but knew by day which one she would ultimately choose. And she dreaded it, it made her regret her crown when she would watch the strong hunter and her savior slink away into the shadows. And then she'd turn and see her best friend and the duke during the castle's meetings and remember just how sweet of a boy he had been. It would be in the years to come that her thankfulness for each man would continue to grow. Her heart was always divided but she was thankful for the very beat of her heart because it proved as her rule did that no matter the conflict she lived, in love and conflict she still lived.

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