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"Lie To Me." Lil Jei. Nick/Monroe. PG 13. Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. Part 2.
sparrowverse :)
Title: Lie To Me...WIP.
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick/Monroe
Rating: PG-13 or R
Wd Ct: 3000+
Disclaimer: The characters and show depicted are not mine and I make no money off of them.
A/N & Warning: I took a prompt from grimm_kink and ran with it.
Summary: Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. The truth is she kidnapped him when he was just a little boy because he was a Grimm born into a family of creatures and hid him in plain sight by using a spell (glamour?). Now, years later, the spell is falling apart without Marie there to strengthen it and everything is changing, for the better and for the worse. Bonus points for Royal King Renard always searching for his son and Nick manifesting some less than human qualities once the spell begins to unravel. Can be gen or slash.

Part One:

Chapter Six...Meanwhile.

Setting his phone back down on the desk Renard held in a sigh. It had been a rough year, to say the least. He had fought many battles in his life but none had made him feel so weary as this last year's. One of his favorite detectives smelling like a Grimm had been hard enough but finding out he was related to that she-bitch Marie Kessler had enraged him. From that very moment he'd been fighting an uphilll battle. To keep Nick alive and to keep his kingdom safe he had had to some very questionable things but none so much as having Marie eliminated.

He knew deep down that Burkhardt wouldn't forgive him even if he knew the truths behind the royal mask and the reasons behind his actions. He knew before long that his mask that he had held onto for so long would fall and Nick would find out all of his secrets. Well most them at least, no one ever spoke of his deepest most hurtful secret. The Wesen community knew and said nothing, ever. He'd killed for less than an insult on his house and speaking of his failed marriage and their stolen child was just not done. To this day it made his hardened heart beat out of sync. It still made his soul ache to think of his son, his beautiful baby boy.

They never knew why or how, just that he'd been taken in the middle of the day while on a outing with his nanny. His family had been devastated and to this day had not recovered. His family, even his mother still begged him to move on and have a new family. They told him his grief had gone on long enough and that he should be done grieving his losses from all those years ago. But he refused and hung up the phone or deleted the emails every time they mentioned it. He would never betray Johnathan like that, he had lost Lucinda but he would always have the memory of his son and nothing would remove that from him.

Chapter Seven...A Day and 1/2 Later.

Rosalee couldn't help but shake a bit. Whatever was going to happen was going to be life changing for her friend Nick, as both a man and a Grimm. She'd gone through all of her books and found a little of this and little of that but nothing near enough to make this situation any better for Nick and Monroe. They'd be affected by this outcome no matter what, but at least they'd finally admitted their mateship. That made her feel better about Nick taking the potions and hopefully finding out the truth of who he really is.

Looking through her notes and the books she has on hand she knows she's prepared as much as she could be. Now it's only time she has to worry about. She tries her hardest not to look up from her spot at the table but at the sighs and louder murmurs she has to see the two of them. She had called Monroe this morning knowing that it was better to get the potions out of the way so Nick would have the weekend to heal, as best as he could. And they'd shown up within the hour and now they were all just waiting, waiting for what she didn't know but nothing would happen if she didn't speak up, " You two ready?"

She knew she had startled them both as they moved apart quickly. She gestures at the back room table she'd set up. There would be no interruptions from anyone, neither her or Monroe could chance it once Nick took all the potions. As she leads them back she has to suppress her shivers, this was just not done in the proper Wesen community. Truth potions and love spells were somewhat expected but a potion to unlock the mind and find the truth deep down inside oneself's was considered too chancy. These potions had the potential to unmake Nick's mind but they had all discussed it and ultimately Nick had spoken harshly to the both of them saying "I need to know. No matter what happens it's my choice. We're gonna do it, well I am. Damn it, if anything I remembered is true I need to know, I just do" And that had been that. She'd finished the potions this morning and now they were just looking at them lying there on the table just waiting to be swallowed down.

As Nick laid down on the table, and looked up at her she had to stop herself from petting his hair. She wanted to give him some comfort and guidance in this, but she knew she couldn't. And neither could Monroe. Instead she placed a blanket around him and moved over to where the potion bottles were. Giving the men a moment more which she knew they desperately needed she took in another deep breath as she grabbed the first potion.

Turning back with a cough she tries and fails to smile and instead asks, "Are you ready Nick? Each potion works together to bring forth the memories and break whatever spell has been put on you. They're made with herbs that I already had here thankfully. I'm not going to explain each one again, we've gone over it but I will tell you each one that I'm handing you. This is important Nick, I need you to swallow each one completely and concentrate on what you want to know. Understood? Good." She can't put it off anymore, she hands him the first white milky potion, "The vita recolo-recall life." Handing it over she and Monroe watch as Nick with a deep sigh grabs onto the bottle and tosses it back. Tutting she hands him the next one and says, "Slower Nick, this is the praetorgredior liber aetas-pass beyond the child's age." The purple smoky potion is choked down with one quick exhale only.

Smiling now as she sees Nick still responding and looking at Monroe out of the corner of his eye she hands him the last potion, the one that will unseal, un-bond and show him the truth behind the lies. Moving slower once more she hands him the drudge of all potions. Dark and murky and smelling of pond water and mold she knows this will be the test, "This is the last one Nick and certainly the worst but you will swallow all of it and make it through to the end and see the vision of who you are, it's called nosce te ipsum or know thyself." Watching as he barely begins to sip and starts to make faces she pushes the bottle up to his lips more and whispers in his ear, "Finish it Nick, finish it." It's a wait then, both her and Monroe sit on the chairs near the bed and barely say a word.

But she knows he needs her just as much as Nick needed her potions. Whispering once more she leans into Monroe's shoulder and says, "He'll be okay. He's stronger than we ever thought. He'll make it through." She regrets it though as Nick's face and body begins to change. Moaning and thrashing on the bed it's all the two of them can do just to sit there and watch Nick suffer through this. It's what’s needed though, so they sit and wait, just to see if Nick makes it through and learns what he needed to know.

Chapter Eight

He had to concentrate in order to keep each potion down. 3 potions hadn't seemed like a lot until he tried to swallow each one, each one becoming more sludge like and revolting as each sip passed his lips. But his mate was there and Nick knew he had to do this for him and for their relationship. If he didn't know who or what he was how was he supposed to be a good mate? Rosalee was murmuring and Monroe was as well, he hears the latin and the encouragement.

He also hears himself, he has to think, he was told to concentrate on his questions and his needs. Doing so gets harder with each swallow but he continues to chant in his mind *Who am I? What am I? Why me?* Over and over this swirls around in his brain. Right before he sinks into a further haze his mate leans down and whispers,"flat justitia ruat coelum (let justice be done through the heavens fall )" He doesn't know what it means but he understands the tone, whatever happens now he can't stop it he thinks as sinks further and further...

Flowers. He smells flowers and sunshine. Nick feels as if he's out of his body. Looking around and enjoying the sunshine he hears laughter. Following it he happens upon the scene from his dream. Or really his memories, because with a jolt to his metaphysical form he knows why this is familiar. That boy with the laugh and the woman with the salt and pepper hair that is picking flowers, he knows them. He is the boy, he knows this deep down within. But this woman, she is like the air and mist around him, fleeting and beautiful. And still as the scene changes he knows she must be a memory too. As it fades away he hears the boy laugh and say, "Grandma you're silly. Flowers are for girls." He knows now who the woman is but it doesn't answer everything...nothing even.

Leather, the scent of leather hits his nose as the next scene unravels in front of his eyes. He hasn't seen this moment in time before and is not expecting anything or shall he say anyone familiar. But still before his very eyes there's his captain. Certainly younger and looking much happier than usual but still there's his boss embracing the boy he knows himself to be. They're not alone though, next to Renard and him is a beautiful woman he doesn't know. Still a scent catches him, she smells like baby powder and lavender. He smells her just as the boy does, leaning into the scene he's not willing to admit that this scene is comforting to him. It's also so very familiar as the boy in front of him jumps into his captain's arms and with a squeal says, "I missed you papa. Momma did too." Oh god Nick thinks as he falls into some invisible force holding him up. Mom? Dad? Papa? Momma? What does this mean? He knows that boy is him, he's seen photos of him when he was 8. And this looks to be around the time, but certainly this can't be real, it just can't be he repeats to himself as the scene changes once more.   

He used to love this smell, chocolate. But when his parents died it stopped being a scent he enjoyed. As an adult he never thinks on it, but looking at this scene unfolding he knows why. This was the scent that caused his life to change. The truth parts of the potion must still be hitting him. He's still thinking of the scene with Momma and Papa as he watches some woman he finds unremarkable take him by the hand and take him around street market in town. He knows it so well or he did Nick thinks. He can see it as if it was yesterday now, many days spent wandering the market with his nanny during the week and his parents on the weekends. He always loved visiting the candy booths. His nanny knowing this had left him there with an instruction for him to stay. He knew this and was just beginning to smell the fresh batches of chocolate fudge as an arm pulls him back violently. His mouth had been covered too so he couldn't scream. But he still remembers the chocolate smell in the air. He couldn't even fight the person grabbing him. They were pulling him and pulling him and then nothing.

Another scene change and Nick finally begins to realize the answers to his questions. He watches as a younger version of Marie is tying him down to some bed in the middle of a nowhere motel. She's chanting and splashing him with a potion, and a spell or two later he sees the change. His younger self stops fighting and when he went slack in his bonds Marie finished and then went to him and while leaning over him she smiles a very wicked smile and whispered so loud that he hears it all the way into the corner he's worked himself into, "Now you're mine. I won't let a little Grimm be raised by monsters. I fixed you. Poor little regnant is now my poor little Grimm, all mine." He knew Marie had been crazy sometimes but this, this had been his life she'd stolen. And he couldn't help but want it back, he thinks of what could have been. Nick slumps down into the wall as the scene changes and he's now faced with a void. He knows his answers but he doesn't know what's next.

With a gasp and a sob he comes to. He doesn't know how long he's been in a trance. But he knows everything has changed. Well not everything as his mate's arms come around him and hold him tightly as he begins to cry some more. Nick's never been one to cry, Marie had seen to that. But this, these memories he had willingly unleashed had changed him. He could feel the difference inside and out. Not even looking up at Monroe or Rosalee he just sighs and with a whisper breaks the suspense, "She stole me. I'm not Nick, never have been. I don't know who I am. Oh god what am I gonna do?" He doesn't even realize it as he falls back to the table in a dead faint. He doesn't see his mate's reaction to his new scent or his new look. He doesn't hear her as Rosalee remarks to Monroe that the potions helped reveal the reasons why Nick's whole scent and person had changed.

She whispers just as he had that it must have been the spells, since Marie had died they were meant to fail. And he doesn't feel it as Monroe kisses his forehead and wipes his bangs away from his forehead and says it in his normal everyday wolf voice, "It doesn't matter how you changed Nick, you're still mine." Clean up begins as Rosalee gathers up the bottles and the stoppers and everything she can as she tries to avoid the figurative dragon in the room. Nick is a regnant, the truth was found out and she truly doesn't know how this will change things, but she knows it will. Looking at the wolf and his mate she knows she has to be prepared and can only hope they will be too.

Part Three:

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