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"Lie To Me." Lil Jei. Nick/Monroe. PG 13. Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. Part 3.
sparrowverse :)
Title: Lie To Me...WIP.
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing: Nick/Monroe
Rating: PG-13 or R
Wd Ct: 3000+
Disclaimer: The characters and show depicted are not mine and I make no money off of them.
A/N & Warning: I took a prompt from grimm_kink and ran with it.
Summary: Aunt Marie lied about Nick's parents. The truth is she kidnapped him when he was just a little boy because he was a Grimm born into a family of creatures and hid him in plain sight by using a spell (glamour?). Now, years later, the spell is falling apart without Marie there to strengthen it and everything is changing, for the better and for the worse. Bonus points for Royal King Renard always searching for his son and Nick manifesting some less than human qualities once the spell begins to unravel. Can be gen or slash.

Part One:
Part Two:

PS: I apologize for my tardiness in regards to this fic. I got involved in another fandom the past two weeks and despite some great Grimm episodes found my muse rather lacking. FYI there will be two more parts posted for this fic and then it's done. I won't say two weeks til the next part but I do hope that it will be within a two or three week time period. I hope ya'll enjoy this latest part, please leave some comments :)

Chapter Nine

Sean regretted many things in his life. The loss of his son was one a drop in the ocean professionally but was all that mattered to him personally. His dear wife Lucinda leaving him in his grief did not matter near as much. His canton, his people, nothing truly mattered after that day. He only lingered in this life, ghosting through it.

Only his mother could reach him then and now when he was in one of his moods. His kingdom could rise and fall and still it would not matter to him. The years for Sean have passed slow much like what the westerners called molasses. He felt like he was drowning some days and those were the days in which his blaise rage would continue to earn him his fearsome bastard reputation. His mother would still send him flowers as a reminder every year on Johnathan's birthday and on the day he was taken. They were her subtle way of reminding him that yes she still remembered her grandson and his loss. Though it didn't stop her from matchmaking as she was a firm believer in moving on from the heartbreaks of life. Her time in the camps should say as much as should her survival and triumph.

But still he couldn't move on. He would try to throw social parties for the royals and make connections but within months his attentions would lie elsewhere, always in the past. He loved his job don't get him wrong, there was nothing better than throwing a criminal to the ground and cuffing him. There was a certain thrill that his position as Captain allowed him. He could still chase the scum of the world but was able to maintain his societal facade. This allotted him even more respect within his canton. His Wesen respected and feared him even more now that he held sway over a Grimm.

Sway or lack thereof really was all that kept Nick on a leash and was only invisible to him. Sean had found that working behind the scenes to immerse Nick into the Wesen life had aided him greatly. He was known to be a sympathetic friend to all those in need even Wesen. And his reputation as a catch and release Grimm could only help Sean in his continued quest to hold onto his canton at all costs. The unknown support that Nick gave Sean's leadership was unspoken of in the community but very well known. Sean knew he would continue as is with Nick until the Grimm himself came to certain conclusions.

Then and only then would Sean give the man some truths, not all but some. He hoped that the confrontation was a long ways away. He had other pressing concerns, like his own family and the Verrat. Nick was not the only one killing Reapers these days and that information had found its way into his dear old brother's ears. That phone call was unpleasant to say the least. Sean felt that even though life was always in slow motion he would need to in the coming days change that and allow himself to be sped along with it.

Chapter Ten A

Monroe couldn't help the subsonic growls coming from within him. His mate, his one and only was lying still as death on the cot in front of him. Not only was he still but he was changed. His scent and image were the obvious changes but time would tell if Nick was changed in any other ways. Monroe felt full of despair as he thought of his mate's life up until this moment. To be told one thing, dream of another, and realize the truth lay somewhere in the middle would be tragic, and he knew it would haunting for his mate. But Monroe was determined and as he sat there and stared at his transformed mate he knew that no matter the changes the core of who his mate was wouldn't change. Monroe would just have to be there for him until things balanced out.

Rosalee was flitting about in the back of the store, he knew she was as curious as he was. But the wolf within him was demanding peace, quiet, and privacy. And sitting here with Nick was all he could do. Until Nick woke again Monroe would sit here and contemplate what the future would bring. The future was certainly going to be interesting. Nick's body was phasing in and out, from his Wesen form to his human form. The radical changes were only to his Wesen form, now that he had one at least. His human form had only slightly lengthened in height, brought about broader shoulders, and tanned a bit in his flesh. That could be excused as good living and exercise, yoga did wonders HA! Though Nick did look like a royal now, Monroe knew the royal family trees like the back of his hand and just knew by looking at Nick whose son he really was.

And in his Wesen form Nick just looked darker, more Grimm like than he ever had before. It was the power his mate was emanating that truly reflected his true heritage. His mate was even more powerful than before and even humans would notice that he had true power. Thankfully for Nick's sake the changes didn't mean much for Nick's physical looks in the human world. Wesen would see the change and respect it, but humans would see what they wanted. Only Hank or Wu were a risk as they knew Nick as close friends only could. They'd cross that bridge as they came to it, Monroe would be at his mate's side no matter what.

This "whole" change would bring larger consequences that Monroe didn't want to think about though. Nick's scent had changed enough that even the lowest Wesen on the totem pole would be able to smell the difference and probably say something about it. Monroe could recall the story about the Canton's leader and prince, every Wesen knew it. About how he came to the states in deep grief and newly divorced from his royal Grimm. The social parties were thrown yearly as a familial requirement but other than that the prince remained as alone as he was when he first arrived. He worked in the human world, ruled in the Wesen world with an iron fist, and lived between the shadows still grieving his losses after all these years. His prince's love for his son would allow some healing for both Nick and the prince. But what of everything else?

Monroe was truly worried and sitting here watching his mate wasn't helping. His mate was still phasing and according to Rosalee would continue to do so until he woke up for real. Nick would also need to accept the changes and his new life to stop the involuntary phasing. But Monroe knew by Nick's reaction when he first woke that acceptance wouldn't be the problem. The merging of his lives, old and new would be the problem. Monroe would be there though, and could only thank his lucky stars that they'd completed their mating before the potions revealed Nick's true status. If not he could only guess what their royal prince's reaction was to his long lost son being mated to a weider blutbad. Now nothing but death or rejection of their bond could part them. No matter the changes Monroe would be there for his mate, so until Nick woke he'd sit there and just take in the changes to his precious mate.

Chapter Ten B

He remembers falling, falling into Monroe's arms and then nothing. Pitch black is all that greets him. He must be dreaming again. His cheeks feel wet and using the back of his hand he wipes the tears off his face. He knows he should be asking how, when, or even why. But within himself he knows the answer. This is him, this void is how he feels now. This is his life, his choice from here on out. He needs to fill the void. He needs to remake his life anew.

He has to make choices. Some seem simple and others especially in regards to his past are harder. This void will be filled and when he returns to the human world it will be him. The choices are more important than ever. There must be memories of both his lives, the good and the bad. This must be part of his Wesen or Grimm abilities he absently thinks, all that explains this dreamscape but doesn't make it easier. He has to remake himself from the beginning to where he is now.

Physically he has no choice, he will be his father's son. And isn't that crazy, his boss's son, the Canton's prince is his father. Now he is thankful that he agreed to study up on the politics of royals and Grimms, he'll need it in the days to come. He hasn't seen what he looks like and just as he thinks of it, the void fills with a mirror. Looking into the mirror Nick is shocked and pleased all at the same time. He sees his human form and notes the slight changes. But it is his Wesen form that reveals all, he looks dark, as dark as the void around him. It's as if all the qualities of being a Grimm and a child of the great bastard son Sean Renard merged and created a being that Nick is finding hard to believe is him. It's not negative or evil, his form is greater than both good and evil, he looks strong and confident in all his power. There are no other words for it, maybe Monroe could rhapsodize on in more but for now Nick is pleased.

He vanishes the mirror without a thought and goes onto other topics of his rebirth. Memories will be the most important. He wants the memories of his true childhood back. Even in this void he feels longing. He wants the flowers, the scent of leather and the feelings of belonging back. The truth of his life explained so many things. It explained why he always felt alone even when he was in the company of his "Aunt" Marie. And why in his Grimm training he felt so alive and connected to all the Wesen he helped.

The disconnect that he had always had to the human world he had constantly explained away as grief or slight depression but in reality it really was a sort of disconnect. Now, here in this void of himself he knew the truth. He was always part of two worlds and from birth was meant to be this way. It allowed him some humanity as well as some feral instincts tied with the Wesens he was meant to corral and manage. He would always be a Grimm of two worlds. He knew that this would allow him many things when he awoke but for now he needed to move on from the realizations.

Now he needed to choose. Watching the swirling possibilities around him Nick made his choices that would affect him for eternity and beyond. Though it felt quick for him he knew that in the real world his mate was waiting for him. His new life was waiting for him as well. Monroe, his father, his friends on the force were given choices. He would never wish to forget any of them. His mother, grandmother, and the forgotten past were also accepted into his new self. His "Aunt" Marie was the one he longed to forget but knew deep down that if he left her and all that he knew of her in the void when he woke up that part of him would be less than he was meant to be. As much as he wanted to forget the tough moments in his life he was better for them. Ultimately he planned to leave nothing when he woke up.

And as before when he thought of something even so brief it happened, here in his void. So as his thoughts and self accepted the good and bad within himself he woke. Not moving much he just turns his head a bit and watches as his mate snore in his sleep. The reassurance that his mate was still there was all Nick needed. Just as he intends to speak his body nearly collapses into itself as the exhaustion and need to truly sleep comes upon Nick. And once more there, there is nothing as Nick fades away into his dreams, hopefully dreaming of only happy things.


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