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My Real Life Update :)
sparrowverse :)
In June I posted that I decided to look for another job.
Well a new resume and two job applications later I've got some results.
I applied to a place in August-no phone call back.
I applied to another place A month ago and got an invite to a invite only interview session!
I had the interview and rocked it!!!!
I also got a call back for another interview from the same place.
I might not get the job but either way I'm proud of myself.
I manned up and applied for jobs since I was so unhappy at my current job.
My family and friends are proud of me as well.
And that's all I've ever wanted.
But I can't say that it wouldn't be nice to get a new job that would allow for more advancement in my field.
*Fingers crossed!*

PS: Maybe after all this stress is over with I'll be able to write more and be online more too.
PPS: And hopefully these tension headaches will stop as well.

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Congratulations on the callbacks and good luck!

Thanks! And guess what I got the job!

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